10 home remedies for cold / Sardi jukam ke gharelu nuskhe

Hello friends welcome to our recipes for this freepngimage.online website. So friends today we are going to talk about a disease that you will have once a year or the other in a month, yes friends, colds and colds (sardi jukam ke gharelu nuskhe).

Cold colds are a disease that comes into us in a few months or by weather changes. But today we have brought you home prescriptions that will help you to get out of your cold, today we have brought 10 tips, not 1-2, so that you can use the easiest you can use.

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The winter season has come and most of us get upset with colds and cough and congestion and get to our doctor to take Antibiotics, while we don’t need them, in fact, with frequent antibiotics, you are constantly talking to your Immune System,

the truth is that in the case of cold colds (Cold and cough), your doctor will be able to relax. , take tea soup and it will be cured automatically

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If you are constantly disturbed by bad throat, sinus infection, cold colds and cough, you must keep in mind a few things because 38% of the people in the new report of Medical Watch Dog Public Health, England,

most people demand antibiotics from their doctor when they have a cold cold cough , according to some reports antibiotics bacterial infection is necessary to deal with the serious risk of infection, but they are constantly used for cold cough throat problems.

These diseases can be cured without any medicine or some of the common food items of the house (jukam ke nuskhe) i.e. household things (natural ways to get rid of stuffy nose) zinka no Side Effect is in your body.

Risk of Eating More Antibiotics (Side Affect of Excessive Antibiotics)

According to the report, repeated antibiotics result in the destruction of bad bacteria as well as good healthy bacteria, if you take antibiotics, the number of times you have cold colds, the more often you are cleaning healthy bacteria,

the harmful bacteria in the stomach get a flourishing, and the growth of healthy bacteria stops. , and it affects the Immune System, then you get cold colds even more quickly, then it doesn’t even get cold colds.

So let friends know 10 effective home remedies for minute cold colds:10 तुलसी की चाय (jukam ke gharelu nuskhe) :

Friends first comes to number 10 (home remedies) tulsi tea, yes friends, after boiling the leaves of 5-6 basil in a cup of water thoroughly for 10 minutes, filter it in a cup, now drinking this tea 2 times a day will give a lot of relief in fever and cold colds.

Yes, friends, it helps in the prevention of malaria and dengue, but in particular, it is considered to be a panacea for the cold to run away, because of this, the cold is eliminated from the root for us.

9 Milk and Turmeric (home remedies for cough and cold):

So friends the recipe that comes at number 9 is the name of milk and turmeric recipe, yes friends you can use a teaspoon of turmeric in hot water or hot milk to benefit the cold colds fast,

this recipe proves to be effective not only for the child but also for adults, turmeric is antiviral and antibacterial, which is very helpful in fighting cold colds.

8 ginger tea (ginger for cough/cough) ginger tea for cough) :

The recipe at No. 8 is ginger tea for cough; Yes, friends ginger (ginger for cough) have a lot of benefits, but ginger tea provides a cold cold relief (home remedies for runny nose),

finely chopped fresh ginger in cold colds or flue symptoms, and add a cup of hot water or milk to boil it for a while and then drink it. , yes friends, this recipe will help you to get relief from cold colds and it will eliminate your cold from the root.

7 lemon and honey (सर्दी-जुकाम और बुखार के लिए घरेलू उपचार):

So friends comes at No. 4 recipe of lemon honey, yes friends do you know that the use of lemon and honey benefits the colds and colds (home remedies for fever and cough). 2 teaspoons honey I have a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of water,

it benefits immensely, as well as for a long time, if you have a cold or a cold every month, you should adopt this recipe because it eliminates the cold from the root.

6 Lehsun (garlic for colds):

Friends do you know garlic also benefits immensely in colds (raw garlic for colds), garlic is very helpful in fighting cold colds garlic (garlic cold remedy) contains some chemicals that are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, garlic (and honey for cough)

5 buds of garlic (garlic and honey cough) soaked in ghee, you can also fry it in ghee and eat it 1-bar to relax. It is a fast-to-remove garlic from the cold colds, and the garlic can also be cured very well.

5 Coconut Oil for colds :

Do you know coconut oil for colds is also considered to be much more effective for the cold colds, yes friends coconut oil is a great way to open the nose off, as well as fix your cold colds (home remedies cough and chest congestion)

whenever you have a cold or your nose is closed, you can get coconut oil inside the nose with a finger. Put or put a few drops of coconut oil in the nose and then take a deep breath and your nose will open after a while, and the colds you have had will also be cured.

4 Kaloji (home remedies for cough and chest congestion):

Friends now the next recipe (home remedies) is Kaloji, yes friends do you know that kaloji is also very good for getting relief from colds,

so take the seeds of the Kaloji on the gripper and wrap it in cloth and smell it in a cloth, and mix it well with the same of kaloji and olive oil and put it in the nose and it will also give you a lot of benefit in both your colds and colds.

3 Nutmeg (home remedies for cold):

Do you know that nutmeg is also considered to be much more effective for the cold colds to escape, claims to root out cold colds nutmeg this friend what you have to do is to use this measure,

drink the nutmeg and take a pinch of it and mix it with milk and your cold (jukam ke gharelu nuskhe) will be eliminated from the root of some of the dno.

2 Pepper (Black Paper) and Hinge ( 10 home remedies for cold):

Friends, do you know that pepper and hing are much more effective money to remove cold colds, 3-4 pepper grind it with a little PC hing and good pill,

yes, friends keep these round round shoots and use this pill in the morning and eat it daily and relieve the nose and cough all.

1 Mulethi:

So friends now come to the most panacea for/measures. Recipe to always eliminate cold colds always from the root, yes friends do you know that you will get a lot of relief from licking the multhi with honey, and taking honey with ginger will stop the cold colds,

but the benefit of mulethi is to escape the cold colds, as much as the benefits of the cold cold will not be used to cure any claim, recipe (home remedies), yes, friends mulethi is the most ramtaxed to fix the cold colds.

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